Adam Westing Resonate (Original Mix) Say Less Records

We are excited to debut the first Say Less release of Detroit techno and house music producer Adam Westing. His track ‘Resonate’ fuses live guitar with high quality sound design, a driving techno bassline, and a melodic composition. The Detroit producer has made his presence known within the local scene, opening up for artists such as Christian Martin, Justin Jay, Oliver Dollar, Branchez, Viceroy, Dantiez Suanderson, and Golf Clap.  With a background in rock and metal bands, his sets combine live guitar with varying styles of dance music ranging from techno to g-house. Through his sets he wishes to emphasize the instrument's incredible adaptability in electronic music. With that being said, we are excited to debut his newest track ‘Resonate’ below.

Say Less Presents...

Adam Westing - Resonate (Original Mix)