Alain Hellion Superclass EP  Original Mix Say Less Records SL027

We're extremely happy to present Alain Hellion's Superclass EP. The Mexico City based Producer/DJ has slowly been climbing the house charts globally and this EP is a clear example why!

The original mix is a groovy track with a classic house feeling, making use of some tech elements for a deep house result, suitable for the dancefloor or warm up the party.

Includes remixes from Lucas Lee and Jonny Sum.

Say Less Presents...

Superclass EP


Alain Hellion



Ilario Alicante (Ilario Alicante, Cocoon, Cecille, Sci +

Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!

Lauren Lo Sung (e1even records, Vatos Locos) Superclass original is nice! Thanks

Dexter Kane (Shadow Sanctuary, Highgrade, Murmur) Superclass Original is nice. Good early doors fodder.

Cheerz x

Eddie Richards (Evil Eddie Richards) thanks

Juliche Hernandez (Downhill Music, Oblack, Overall
Music, Roush)

amazing original!! I will try out for sure

David Gtronic (Vatos Locos) Superclass (Original Mix) for me ! tnx

Robbie Akbal (Supernature Recordings / Akbal Music) nice tunes!

Salah Sadeq (Techfui) lovely grooves thanks!

Rhadow (Sintope / My Favourite Freaks) Superclass (Original Mix) for me. Thanks!

David Pher (VIVa / Tsuba) Downloaded but not reacted

Jamie Jones (Hot Creations / Hot Natured / Crosstown

Downloaded but not reacted

Camiel Daamen (Act Natural, Tzinah Records, Bla Bla) Downloaded but not reacted

PAWSA (Mood Records) Downloaded but not reacted