Curtis Remarc Soul Intentions Original Mix Say Less Records

For this week’s feature we are happy to present NJ based DJ/Producer Curtis Remarc. Curt’s track stuck out to us because of its catchy tech grooves, smooth flow, and awesome sound design. All of this put together makes for a vibey track that could easily fit into any Burning Man styled set.

Curt was raised a jazz and blues musician but as he grew older developed a taste for deep Berlin style tech rhythms and Detroit techno. He is a resident on Deep House Lounge airing a live mix every Tuesday at 8PM. He plays a variety of different shows in the tri-state area and just this past year has decided to continue to develop his own sound. With that being said check out his latest release out exclusively on Say Less Records.

Say Less Presents...

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Curtis Remarc - Soul Intentions

(Original Mix)