Keegan Tawa Before It's Gone feat. Monica Guardado Say Less Records SL017

This week we are rolling out Keegan Tawa’s track ‘Before It’s Gone’ - consisting of a crisp rolling bass line, hypnotizing modular synthesizers, accompanied by soft yet captivating vocals by Monica Guardado. We're very excited for Keegan's Say Less debut, notably one with such creative depth. 


In addition to his original music Keegan diversifies his sound through the use of saxophone. By incorporating sax across techno and house, in a darker and more improvisational manner, Keegan is able to add an original element to his set.  And if you’re one that pays attention to detail, you can also find him operating analog synthesizers and live-sequencing them into his performance. Witness Keegan at “work” March 10th at One Deeper, a boiler room style set held at District N9NE in Philadelphia.


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Keegan Tawa - Before It's Gone feat. Monica Guardado

(Original Mix)