P.S. 118 Fragments Original Mix Say Less Records SL012

It’s been four months since house duo P.S. 118 has released any new music but the boys have been busy at work. In the four months since their sample-based soundscape ‘Pressure Cooker’ the pair have continued to create organic house tunes.  ‘Fragments’ is no different, and again highlights the pairs’ diverse backgrounds and inspirations. Self-described as “a track playing in the dark moments just before sunrise ” ‘Fragments’ appears a rather chill tune at face value, but the dramatic guitar-sounding sanxian continuously grows into what becomes more of a late night hitter ¾’s of the way along just after the three minute mark. 

The emotion jumped out to us on this one, and what was originally intended as an intro track for an EP has fortunately slipped through early on Say Less for your listening pleasure.

Say Less Presents...

Say Less Records P.S. 118


P.S. 118 - Fragments (Original Mix)